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Five ideas to enhance interactive whiteboard flipcharts

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Watch this video to learn how to enhance your Smart interactive whiteboard using object animations, a feature of Notebook Version 10, the latest version of Smart board’s proprietary interactive whiteboard software.

If you missed some of the whizzy effects or builds that you can add to PowerPoint or Keynote presentations, such as fading objects in or out, spinning or flying objects across the screen, then you should upgrade to Notebook’s latest version.

These are just five simple ideas used in a Modern Languages context (Spanish), but they could easily be adapted to be used in any subject area. Although there are other bits and bobs you can do as regards object animation, this video focuses on:

  • Fading in
  • Fading out
  • Flipping
  • Flying
  • Spinning

Most of the inspiration for these ideas has come from James Hollis’s blog Teachers Love Smart Boards, a fantastic resource for all teachers who are learning to use interactive whiteboards, so ensure you bookmark it for future reference.

As ever, I hope you find this simple introduction to object animation in Notebook useful and don’t forget to let me know what you think.

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Top five tips for creating resources for the interactive whiteboard

Here are my top five tips for creating resources using the Interactive Whiteboard. I am not by any means an expert, but I have picked up a few tricks and tips along the way that allow me to create interesting resources for the IWB with only the most basic knowledge of how it works.

If you are interested on learning more about making the interactive whiteboard interesting and, most importantly, interactive, then you should probably go and take a look at these other websites:

That’ll keep you busy for a while anyway…

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The Teacher Invaders are coming…

I finally got my PC laptop working again briefly (before it gave up on life again), so I was able to have a play with Teacher Invaders, the new free game from Andrew Field, the teacher behind All you need to do to start creating your own games is to download a small programme and away you go. Click here to play the game to test your knowledge of basic Spanish words, it’s very easy, even for those of you who are, how can I put it? …hispanically challenged (nobody’s perfect), all you have to do is read the Spanish and type in the English.

As it was suggested in a previous post, these games are fantastic to be played individually by pupils on their own computers or to put the interaction into the Interactive Whiteboard, by getting the pupils off their chairs and play the game on the board, which imbues the lesson with a sense of competition and it instantly becomes a more memorable and enjoyable learning experience. specialises in game generators with classic games on offer, such as Fling the Teacher or Penalty Shoot-out. Not all of the games are free, but they are very reasonably priced and I shall be buying them myself for, my Spanish revision website, as soon as I get Windows installed on my Mac.

Just before I go, I’d like to make a comment about the game, constructive criticism if you like: although it is fantastic that the game supports foreign and accented characters (like ñ or á), as a languages teacher, I always find that it is important to give clear instructions to the player on how to answer the questions in addition to the game’s title, for example: conjugate in the first person singular or use the definite article, so perhaps this facility is something that can be added to the games in the future.

33 interesting ways to use your interactive whiteboard

Tom Barrett has produced this wonderful Google Docs slideshow outlining, as the title suggests, 33 interesting ways to use your interactive whiteboard. It’s a fantastic resource that Tom intends to keep updated with new tips, so keep an eye on it and bookmark it, or even better: get in touch with Tom to contribute to it!

If you enjoyed these tips, you would probably like this video too: Top Five Tips for Creating Resources for the Interactive Whiteboard.

You can see also see come videos with interactive whiteboard tips that I recorded earlier this year if you click here.

Do you know of a teaching and learning resource you would like to share? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.