Box of Tricks is curated by José Picardo, who is Assistant Principal and Modern Foreign Languages Teacher at Surbiton High School.

The basics…

I am a Assistant Principal at Surbiton High School, where I teach Modern Foreign Languages and I am in charge of developing the school’s digital strategy, which can be summarised as follows: ensuring the integration of technologies that enable and facilitate teaching and learning into the life of the school and its wider community. In addition, I advise schools, government bodies and other organisations on the use of new and emerging technologies in the classroom to support, enhance and , ultimately, transform teaching and learning.

A career-long interest in the use of technology in education led me to start writing Box of Tricks, an award-winning blog in which I share resources and reflect on my own practice as a teacher. A Masters Degree in ICT and Education has added academic depth to what has always been my passion: innovative teaching and learning supported by the effective use of technology.

My extensive experience of using both contemporary and emerging technologies to support teaching and learning in the classroom – and beyond – has resulted in collaboration with many bodies and organisations such as HMC, ISC,  CILT , ALL, ISMLA, the TES, Naace and Teachers TV, among many others.

For a more detailed look at my experience as a consultant and presenter, please browse my Portfolio and get in touch. I look forward to hearing from you.

A bit more…

As well as this, my Box of Tricks, I also write Network.Ed, a professional blog that allows me to reflect about educational issues and engage with like-minded educators from around the globe.

Even more…

I have also co-presented Show Time Spanish, a popular podcast aimed at advanced learners of Spanish and News Time Spanish, a weekly podcast for intermediate to advance learners of Spanish. Both podcasts are produced by Radiolingua, makers of Coffee Break Spanish as well as other fantastic resources for foreign language learning.

The effective use of technology in our schools ensures that education remains relevant to our students in their increasingly digital lives.

Do you know of a teaching and learning resource you would like to share? Please do not hesitate to get in touch.