Voki Classroom is nearly here

Teachers have realised that Voki can be very valuable, not only to encourage and motivate reluctant learners, but also as an assessment tool
Voki has featured in my teaching for several years now, having proven itself a very valuable tool to encourage speaking in the foreign languages classroom.

Many other teachers have also realised that Voki can be very valuable, not only to encourage and motivate reluctant learners, but also as an assessment tool. As a result, the people at Voki, in consultation with their users and with specially designated Voki Ambassadors, are building a tool that is specifically designed for use in the classroom: Voki Classroom.

The main features of Voki Classroom will be:

  • Teachers have complete control of students’ Voki assignments.
  • Teachers will issue students individual logins (no student email or registration required), which means students of any age can now use Voki! This also means that no time is required to walk students through registering.
  • Teachers can easily add students, classes, and lessons to their Voki Classroom site.
  • Each lesson comes with its own Web page (to showcase the Vokis created), which can be set to private.
  • Voki Classroom comes with unlimited online support.

Voki assures us that the Voki we all know and love will remain unchanged in terms of features and cost, i.e. free. However, the new Voki Classroom will me a paid service with a -we are told- small annual subscription.

Although I would have preferred a free basic Voki Classroom with premium features, I remain hopeful and excited about the possibilities that Voki Classroom will afford us.

What do you think? Are you willing or, indeed, able to pay for an annual subscription? Or would you rather continue using Voki as you have always done?

I am really interested to hear your thoughts. Please do not hesitate to comment below.

For more information about Voki Classroom, head over to the Voki Blog where you can read about using Voki in the foreign languages classroom and about the forthcoming release of the new service.

José Picardo

José is Assistant Principal at Surbiton High School and a Fellow of the RSA and Naace. He is interested in improving education and the way technology can be used to enhance and transform teaching and learning. José has been curating Box of Tricks since 2007 and holds a MA in ICT and Education.

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