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Emerging technologies are opening up a whole new dimension of teaching and learning opportunities. Drawing from real-life examples of students' work, this website aims to demonstrate how to make the most of the possibilities afforded to us by the effective use of the internet in order to raise achievement and participation, as well as to increase motivation and engagement.


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Keeping your head above water: Productivity tips for teachers

Among the vast array of online tools and services, there are a few whose raison d’être is to help you stay organised and keep your head above water. Below are the tools I’ve used most frequently to help me manage the flow of information and better organise myself as a teacher.

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Supporting Evidence for Naace Impact Award

I feel extremely humbled at the fact that the words impact and award are being uttered alongside my name deliberately – and not by mistake, as one might imagine might be more likely. If you feel that this website has been a little helpful or useful in however small measure, would you please take a minute to say so in the comments section below? Thank you so much!

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